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Anne Rue Interiors: Creating Inviting Summer Outdoor Spaces

By Anne Rue of Anne Rue Interiors

Bring the Indoors Outside

Summer is upon us, making it the ideal time to update your outdoor spaces to accommodate living, relaxing, and entertaining. This season means warmer weather, longer days, and sipping chilled rosé under the sunset. From indoor-inspired outdoor living to natural accents to mid-century simplicity, we’ll be covering the top three outdoor design trends of 2017 and how you can achieve the look.


            1. Creating a seamless transition from interior living to outdoor spaces can be attained with a few easy additions. Outdoor rugs, accessories, and eye-catching, decorative pillows are a surefire way to make your backyard haven more homey; all of which are also the perfect caveat for an accent color. As a designer, it is may goal to transform every room into a sanctuary; livable, clean, and inspiring. Planters, ottomans, decorative lighting, wall art, and patterned pillows help me accomplish just that. These accessories certainly do not have to boast a hefty price tag. Your local home goods store is sure to carry collections that expertly combine comfort, durability, and natural materials.

            2. Natural materials are monopolizing the interior design scene as of late. We, as a society, are turning our focus to more environmentally-conscious practices and designs. Unpolished, unfinished wood, herb garden walls, focal point edibles, and raw materials are making it easier than ever to live sustainability while also living inspired. Rugged stone accents, live edge tables, wooden pergolas, and concrete slabs speak to an earthy, yet updated living space - transforming your backyard into your own personal resort.

            3. One of the most aesthetically and energetically pleasing aspects of these new trends is their calming, mid-century-esque simplicity. The days of elaborate floral landscaping, complete with colonial-style bird baths and rock gardens are (thankfully) over. Our focus has shifted to open, airy spaces, embodying the phrase “less is more.” Sleek, rustic furniture pieces are a great way to bring your porch, patio, or pool deck back to life. As this trend continues to take root, tracking down mid-century seating will be as easy as a trip to your local super store.

            Updating your backyard living space shouldn’t take away from the time you spend enjoying it, which is why this concise guide to achieving the current outdoor trends is so valuable! Indoor-inspired comfort, earthy accents, and clean, modern lines will create the richest and most durable outdoor oasis, so that every moment spent in the comfort of your own home feels like an endless Summer vacation.


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