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Habits of a Tidy Homeowner

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We all have that friend whose home seems to be spotless, no matter the time of day. You could swing by for a morning coffee or stop over for dinner, and it always looks like someone just cleaned. Can you imagine if your house could be like that? Well, it can! Tidy homes are created out of habit. Here are 5 habits of people with tidy homes, [...]

Increase Your Curb Appeal

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If you’re preparing to sell your home, curb appeal should be a priority. When someone is walking by or coming to your open house, the outside of your home is the first thing they will see. If there is no curb appeal, potential buyers may never even set foot in your home. Instead of ignoring your home’s outdoor appearance, consider making [...]

Lake Nona Arts & Culture: The Beacon and Code Wall

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At the heart of Lake Nona’s Town Center stands “The Beacon and Code Wall.” "The Beacon" is a six-story landmark that comes to life at night with a visual experience of video, music and interactive elements. Alongside stands "Code Wall," an installation of specialized dichroic glass with imagery and messages written in binary code. At night, [...]

CFM: May 2019 Issue

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What’s Inside:

  • Tavistock Art Series: The Beacon & Code Wall NEW!
  • Signature Dish Recipes: Park Pizza’s Awesome Saus Pizza NEW!
  • Out & About: Lake Nona High School Edition NEW!
  • Fun in the Sun: East Lake Toho NEW!
  • Wedding Series: Harmony Preserve Weddings & Events NEW!
  • Real Estate & Rentals from Fusilier Realty Group & Fusilier Management
  • [...]