Design Trends for 2023 - More is More

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A common regret around taking down the holiday decorations is how bare
the home looks suddenly. Fortunately for anyone ready to upgrade their
design in 2023, new trends are offering more comfort and coziness than
we’ve seen lately.

For the past few years, home designers have created a blend of
minimalism and simplicity in their home styles. This style involves [...]

10 Most Common Home Buyer Questions in 2022

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Buying a new home is exciting and confusing.

There are a lot of steps to
buying a home, and people have questions. These are the most common
questions home buyers have, and the answers.

1. How do I get started? – The first step is to speak with a lender and
get a pre-approval. This will tell you, and potential sellers, how much you
can [...]

US Hotels Set Performance Records Over Holidays

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U.S. hotel demand for the week between the Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays was the highest ever recorded, and hoteliers capitalized, charging record-high weekly rates.

Christmas Day hotel occupancy also set a record in the U.S. at 47.3%; the previous peak was 47%, reached in 2015. New Year’s Eve hotel performance was likely limited by [...]

Home Improvements During Labor Shortage

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Tight labor markets are affecting industries across the country. Skilled and unskilled jobs remain unfilled as employers struggle to find prospective employees. For anyone ready to hire a contractor or handyman to perform home improvement projects, this shortage is causing frustration. As more people embrace the “staycation” and seek ways [...]