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Anne Rue Interiors: Summer Color Trends

By Anne Rue of Anne Rue Interiors

Changing Seasons, Changing Trends

In the world of fashion, popular colors fluctuate with the passing seasons. And if wearing what’s on trend makes us feel a bit lighter on our feet, imagine what living in fresh color can do for our psyche. Pantone debuts their new color trend choices every quarter. This Spring/Summer, they’ve chosen both bold and soft shades that speak to styles across the board.

It’s obvious that the goal is to spruce up your space without gutting and renovating. The easiest and most cost effective way to accomplish this is to change up your accent items and/or accessories. Pantone’s selections range from light and bright to deep and sultry. My personal favorite, Flame, would make for an excellent accent pillow or throw blanket.


Choosing the perfect addition to your home depends on your current color palette. There’s usually a resounding neutral, whether that be soft tan, earthy green, quiet blue, etc. The tendency in choosing a new accent color is to play it safe by staying within the boundaries of the warm/cool categories. I’m a firm believer in a true, eye-catching pop of color - if you haven’t noticed).

Choosing the perfect accent color is as easy as your middle school art class. Take a look at the color wheel. You have your primary colors (yellow, red, and blue) and your secondary colors (green, purple, and orange). Using a complimentary color (colors that opposite each other on the spectrum) will give you the most bang for your efforts. If the primary color in your space is blue, “Flame” would fit right in. If you’re rocking a deep purple, “Greenery” or “Kale” would bring out the best in both colors. Choosing new pillows, throws, and/or accessories is as easy as a trip to your local Target, which means you can break out of your decor rut without breaking the bank. Target seems to always be on-trend when it comes to up-and-coming colors.

As our society continues to veer towards a greener lifestyle, we see these hues used more frequently in fashion and home decor. And what better time to incorporate some calming, rejuvenating earth tones than Summer?


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